Our Farm in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

By Hattie, Maggie and Anna

Maggie on the front porch.

Anna by the pond.

Maggie on the bench out back.

Our barn.

Some of the chickens. We got some guineas after this.

Maggie going into the coop.

Getting eggs.

Our dock. This used to be an old machine shed by the barn, but papa moved it and made it into a little dock house.

Another view of our pond. The other pond is behind the barn. This one is better for swimming.

The inside of the dock house.

Another picture inside the dock house.

The back of the house and the spring house. Behind it is the smoke house and the guest house is way back there.

The side of papa's library. It used to be a hog barn.

Merrylegs, our pony.

The sheep in mama's old garden.

Maggie walking past the spring house toward the gardening shed, which used to be the old outhouse.

Our trusty tractor.