How to Make Interesting Jewelry Out of Gum Wrappers

By Sabrina Baum

To get started, you'll have to collect lots of gum-wrappers. The long, skinny inside wrapper from a stick of gum is exactly the right size for a chain-link bracelet. (If you use the outside wrappers, your links will be too short . Save them for your bead necklace.)

To make the links:

1. Fold the gum wrapper in half, lengthwise (a.)

2. Unfold, and bring both edges to the center (b.)

3. Fold together lengthwise, with the edges inside. (c.)

4. Fold in center, crosswise (d.)

5. Fold both ends to the center (e.)

6. Fold in center, crosswise

Repeat steps 1 to 6 with all of your wrappers. To make a chain, like your wrappers together:

Each link has two 'arms'. One side of each arm is folded and the other side is leafed. It's easier to work with the folded side when connecting your links. You will be slipping the arms of each link into the folded slots of the link before it. (f.) When you put the first two links together, your chain will have an 'L' shape. The third link should go in the opposite direction and the fourth link will make your chain look like a 'W'. Continue putting links into your chain until your chain is long enough to go around your wrist. Slip the last link into the slots of the first link and tape it in place with cellophane tape.

Our question: What's the strangest thing you've ever used to make jewelry? What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen somebody else use? Let us know by sending us your answers now!

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