Welcome to all the Stuff in A Girl's Guide!

Want to know what other girls know? Who doesn't? Here is a list of things other kids have sent in for you to do, complete with directions. Some are games, some are crafts, some are just goofy. Some may require the help of an adult. If you aren't sure what to do, ask an adult to give you advice and help.

Most of all, have fun!

* How to Make Jewelry Out of Gum Wrappers. All that glitters isn't litter! Here's how to make a silvery charm from foil gum wrappers.

newMore weird jewelry!
* How to Tell If a Boy Thinks You're Really Cool. It's never easy to tell exactly what boys are feeling. But here are some clues to help you figure it all out!

newMore ways to tell, including giving you fruit flies, buying you hamburgers, acting like a maniac and other subtle hints.
* How to Organize a Toy Auction. Here's how to get rid of all those old toys you never play with any more -- and make money while you're at it!

* How to Tame Wild Birds. You don't want to catch them and put them in cages, 'cause they'll die. But you can still make pets out of them, even though they're wild.

* How to Make a Butterfly Farm. Here are directions for a fascinating experiment--to watch a fat caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly!

* Map Making. Here's an idea and some symbols that can start you and your friends off on a fun adventure!

* How to Adopt a Kitten. Find a funny, loyal and cuddly friend!

* How to Make Pressed Flower Stationery. Learn how to make a great gift or brighten up your room!

* Some HTML for Your Home Page. You can build a free homepage in many web communities, including Tripod's. Here are some HTML codes to use on your new page.

This site is brand new, so watch for new stuff here all the time. Coming soon: A moderated forum where girls can exchange advice, information and experiences

Note: Whatever you send us is ours to use in any form we think appropriate. Entries may be edited for clarity and safety. Thanks!

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